Thursday, 22 December 2011

Pat’s Christmas-Cheesecake

The other day my little family and I have been to IKEA Dublin and we as usual couldn’t resist their lovely cuisine. 

As we have quite a sweet tooth we never miss out on their dessert section where they had a "Christmas-Style Cheesecake" displayed. 

Well, unfortunately their recipe was based on Christmas-Pudding, means there were Raisins in the cake and I simply detest raisins! I love food in all shapes, forms and flavours but raisins are one of the few things one can see me run.

I had however a bright idea to make this IKEA dessert my own. I changed and tweaked my recipe of the traditional Cheesecake and simply named it 

"Pat's Christmas-Cheesecake"


ca 200g Cookies
1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
75 Butter
500g Natural yogurt
50g Cream
2 1/2 German Gingerbreads with Chocolate coating
50g Sugar
1 packet of ground Gelatine

German "Lebkuchen" I got in LIDL Ireland
Smash the Cookies with a roller pin in a plastic bag. Be careful and don’t smash too hard – if the bag bursts…. It’s quite a mess lets say. Once the cookies are not recognizable as such anymore, add the crumbs into a bowl and mix it through with the Cinnamon.

German "Lebkuchen" - nothing beats this flavour :)
Melt the Butter in the Microwave and mix thoroughly with the cookie-cinnamon-crumbs. Stomp the crumbs into a spring form you have placed on a nice little plate.

Mix the Chocó-Gingerbreads with your mixer until you have only crumbs left. 

Add Yogurt, Cream and Sugar into a different bowl and mix it through with a blender until you have a fine, soft consistency. Add the Gingerbread crumbs and give it another blend.

Gingerbread Crumbs
To dissolve the Gelatine I boil water in a kettle, put a little bit in a coffee-cup and add the ground Gelatine on top. Stir briskly with a little fork so you don’t have any lumpy Gelatine-Bits left. Add a few Spoons of the Yogurt-Mix to cool the Gelatine down and keep stirring to cool it down a bit more.

Add the Gelatine to the Yogurt-Gingerbread-Mix and mix again with the blender.
The Cheesecake-Topping
Leave the Mix sitting in the Bowl for a little while – not too long, just long enough so the Mix can settle and is not too liquid anymore. This prevents the Cheesecake-Topping to eventually “run away” under the spring-form.

Carry the whole setting (plate + spring form + cheesecake) into your fridge and leave it there for minimum 4 hours – best is overnight.

Serve it with a scoop of Vanilla- or Chocolate-Ice-cream or with whipped cream, as per your liking.

Enjoy and have a very happy Christmas

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