Monday, 19 December 2011

Creamy Dessert for Toddlers & Kids

Puree with Banana & Strawberries

Sometimes it is not easy to get fruits and vitamins into out little ones. Escpecially in the winter season this is important in order to strengthen the immunesystem - no only for your child. Here is a quick and easy trick for a nice dessert that is tasteful for all.

1 banana -> peel it and break it into bits
A handful of strawberries -> wash thoroughly and cut into halves.

Blend it all together until you have a smooth consistency - Ready :)

Using the banana gives the purée a nice consistency so the dessert is not as runny as if you would mix several “watery” fruits together. Also Banana adds natural sweetness to a maybe more “sour” fruit like a strawberry which is a complete new taste exprience for little tastebuds.

Also I use Banana as a sweetener because recent studies have shown that it is not recommended to sweeten your toddlers dish with honey unless it is 2 years of age. So in this case the banana is the healthy alternative.

Not to mention that sugar is not recommended for Toddlers anyways and believe me, they will get to the sweets counter early enough ;)

If you wish you can add some natural yogurt to the puree as well, so you have the perfect blend of vitamins and calcium your child needs for growing.

Store any leftovers or whatever you don't consume immediately by using Tupperware or any other containers you have. If the container is airtight (round) you wont loose any vitamins.

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