Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Cake with Apples & Almonds

Our little Apple tree had surprisingly lots of apples this autumn. Aside of many jars of apple puree for our Toddler we had enough apples left for some cakes. See what I did the other Sunday.


For the base:
300g flour
200g butter
100g sugar

For the topping:
2 eggs
100g sugar
2 EL Vanilla sugar
3 big + 2 medium sized apples
100g grounded almonds
150g flaked almonds
2 spoons of butter

Mix the flour, butter and sugar with a dough hook to a base. Mix until the dough looks like you can form it with your hands and put it into the fridge for about 30 Minutes.

Grease a baking form and sprinkle breadcrumbs into it. I used a Ø24cm baking form however think 26cm are better otherwise your base is a bit too thick. Use the dough to pull sides up inside the form, so the topping cannot run out.

Separate the eggs and whisk the egg yolks with a bit of water and the sugar until everything is foamy. Add the vanilla sugar and keep stirring until dissolved.

My Tip: I don’t like the vanilla sugar that much you can buy (tastes quite artificial for my taste buds) so I make vanilla sugar myself:

Simply add 2 Vanilla pods into a plasti container (Tupperware) and add sugar on top. It stays fresh for quite a long time. From time to time add sugar or replace the Vanilla pods if you have the feeling they don’t give away any flavour anymore or fill into a different container if you have to wash the one us use once in a while :) easy, peasy and tastes much better!
Grate the 3 big apples roughly and stir with the ground and flaked Almonds into the egg-yolk-mass.
Whisk the egg whites until stiff and lift them carefully under the topping mass. Be very carefully and don’t mix too briskly or the egg white will dissolve and the topping will not be as fluffy.

As decoration I peeled 2 smaller apples, removed the core and cut the apples then into thin slices. Put them on top of the cake. Heat the butter just a little bit in the microwave to have it all liquid and paste over the cake topping. 

Then put the cake into the oven and bake for about 40-50 Minutes at 160°C (320°F). 

If you see that the apples on top are getting a bit too dark, simply cover them with a sheet of baking paper.

This cake is perfect for a little afternoon break. You can eat it also with custard or whipped cream… delicious.

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