Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Irish Strawberry Cheesecake – the VERY easy recipe

To make this yummy cheesecake you will need the following ingredients:

About 200g Cookies
(they have to be easy to crumble i.e. shortbread or oatmeal-cookies or anything else you like)
80g Butter
500g Soft Cheese
(You can use any Soft Cheese, plain and without herbs of course. I preferably use Greek yoghurt because I think it tastes more like SummerJ)
150g Cream
80g Sugar
3 leaves of white Gelatine (you can also use 1 Pack of the grounded Gelatine)
1 little bucket of fresh Strawberries (approx 500g)

At first put all the cookies into a little plastic bag and smash them with the Rolling pin. To make them very fine roll the last few bits so you have a nice crumbly consistency.

Put them into a bowl and add the Butter you have melted beforehand. This can be done in a pot on the cooker but it’s faster to melt it on a little and short setting in your microwave. Mush everything thoroughly or the base will be very crumbly and you can barely get the cake on a plate when serving.

Put a springform tin on a plate and stomp the cookie-mash in. Put into the fridge while you start making the most important part: the topping.

Wash the Strawberries thoroughly, cut into half and put into a high jug. Then comes my favourite kitchen tool into place: the blender!

Mix the strawberries until you have a smooth fruit purée.

Put the fruit purée aside and start with the cheese mix: Mix Soft Cheese (or Yoghurt), Sugar and Cream until the Sugar has dissolved. Then add the fruit purée.

My Tip: If you wish you can put a bit of purée directly on the cookie base which I did (see picture).

Boil the kettle and put a little bit of hot water into a jug or little bowl.

Then add the Gelatine and whisk sturdy in order to avoid any lumpy bits. Keep stirring the mix until it cools down a bit.

Add some of the cheese-fruit-mix in order to cool it down further. This will avoid any gelatine bits in your cheesecake… not nice to chew on, believe me.

Then add the gelatine mix into the cheesecake-topping and keep mixing it again with the blender.

My Tip: Wait until the gelatine has hardened the topping a bit so you avoid any “leaking” when you add the topping on the base.

Put into the fridge until the topping has hardened. This should last minimum 4 hours, best is overnight.


I hope you like the recipe and find it as easy to do as I promised. 

Soon I will do a Bailey’s Cheesecake so stay tuned dear Readers ;)

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