Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tiramisu with Raspberries (no eggs)

Today I want to share my yummy summer dessert with you: Tiramisu with Raspberries.

No eggs are needed for this recipe so it is a nice dessert also for Toddlers and anyone with a sensitive stomach.

If you don’t have fresh fruits, you can also use frozen ones – simply brightens up your mood on a dull winter day.


For 4 glasses I used:

About 10 biscuit fingers
300g Raspberries
2 spoons Icing Sugar
1 cup Mascarpone (ca. 250g)
1 cup natural yogurt (250g)


Crush the biscuit in little bits and put them into drinking glasses or any other dessert servers you may have. I used whiskey glasses from Galway Crystal.

Blend the Raspberries and the icing sugar until smooth and add a layer onto the biscuit-bits.
Mix the Mascarpone and Yogurt with the blender in a different pot and add a layer of this mix onto the fruit-purée.

Then add again some broken biscuits etc... simply repeat the different layers until the glass is full.


I ended the layers with the fruit-purée and a little dot of Mascarpone-Yogurt-Mix on top….

.... and made a nice little pattern with a little dessert fork.

Put into the fridge overnight – at least for a few hours, so the biscuit can soak through and everything is nice and soft.

And then enjoy ..... hmmmm ... is it summer already?

Monday, 9 April 2012

Fast & easy Fruit Dessert (or snack) for Toddlers

Banana and Peach

I usually always have fruits at home for us and the little one to nibble on. Some will be eaten just in its initial form or sliced, some I might make a lovely cake of and some I just blend together to make a nice little healthy fruit purée for my little one.

Although he can chew already a purée is always nice to have for adding a bit more taste to your semolina or rice pudding or just on its own as a snack.

For making this nice dessert you just need a blender and a high jug (to avoid spilling when blending).

1 banana -> peel it and break it in chunks
3 peaches -> wash them thoroughly and also cut into chunks. You don’t need to peel the peach, first of all the skin is quite healthy for the digestive systems and you don’t loose any vitamins and secondly: you are blending it, so the skin does no bother when chewing the fruity-yummy desert.

Mix everything together until smooth – here you go. Ready steady eat :)

It’s an easy “fast food” and again, if you have any Tupperware or other storage you have enough for the next 3 days and / or can freeze it into the sized pots you like. Make sure the storage is airtight (round Tupperware) so the purée does not loose vitamins by being exposed to air.

Enjoy and Guten Appetit.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Who needs Jamie Oliver? Here is my easy meal for kids: The Higgledy-Piggledy Pot

Its sooo easy!

Here is an easy and simple way of using just what you have and still have a healthy meal for your kids. The basics like Rice, Noodles or Potatoes are usually in every household, combined with milk, tomato-sauce and some veggie and whatever you find in your fridge… *tataaa* here we have a proper dish.

I am only going shopping again tomorrow so I tell you what I did today for us. I even have enough for my boy alone for the next 3 days and some little pots leftover for the freezer to be eaten another day.

½ onion cut very fine and fry in
1 Spoon Rapeseed oil add then
2 slices bacon which you slice up very finely - bear in mind that depending on age your Toddler has not yet all his teeth and still swallows some bits wholly.

I checked our garden and found already:

3 medium sized carrots adding to the pot that fries on a low temperature
1 big potatoes chop in little cubes and add also
1 little zucchini/courgette which I will add a bit later because it will soften too much.

1 cup Rice Add to the mix in the pot with
2 cups Water (rule of thumb = 1 cup rice / 2 cups liquids)
Also I added 1 tomato (incl. skin + seeds) which is more for the consistency of the dish because it will fall apart anyway.
I cut a green pepper in fine slices and added them too.
I had also a bit of creamy soft cheese left with herbs + garlic. Again, this will dissolve in the sauce and will be absorbed by the rice and most of all adds more flavour to our little Higgledy-Piggledy Pot.

Now if you like you can add any herbs you might have. Either from your cupboard or maybe you grow them fresh in your garden or on your balcony. I added a bit of fresh Thyme and only a minute bit of Salt. Just ½ a teaspoon. Bear in mind that your Toddler does not need much salt. And having bacon in the dish is already a quite salty ingredient.

Until the Rice is soft it usually takes 20 Minutes on a lower setting. Don’t use too much temperature or the bottom will burn to the base of the pot. If the consistency is too sticky, add more water or milk to make it creamier for your child. They tend not too like it too much if it is too dry.

Note: you can use Noodles instead of Rice, organic noodles or just potatoes. Have a look around what you have and use it.

So you see: cooking is not witchcraft or science.
Be experimental, have fun with it without using complicated cooking books from fancy chefs around the world. Its soo easy, the time you wait for your fast food to arrive – the meal is ready. And you have an economic way of using simply what you have for a healthy nutritious meal.

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