Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tiramisu with Raspberries (no eggs)

Today I want to share my yummy summer dessert with you: Tiramisu with Raspberries.

No eggs are needed for this recipe so it is a nice dessert also for Toddlers and anyone with a sensitive stomach.

If you don’t have fresh fruits, you can also use frozen ones – simply brightens up your mood on a dull winter day.


For 4 glasses I used:

About 10 biscuit fingers
300g Raspberries
2 spoons Icing Sugar
1 cup Mascarpone (ca. 250g)
1 cup natural yogurt (250g)


Crush the biscuit in little bits and put them into drinking glasses or any other dessert servers you may have. I used whiskey glasses from Galway Crystal.

Blend the Raspberries and the icing sugar until smooth and add a layer onto the biscuit-bits.
Mix the Mascarpone and Yogurt with the blender in a different pot and add a layer of this mix onto the fruit-purée.

Then add again some broken biscuits etc... simply repeat the different layers until the glass is full.


I ended the layers with the fruit-purée and a little dot of Mascarpone-Yogurt-Mix on top….

.... and made a nice little pattern with a little dessert fork.

Put into the fridge overnight – at least for a few hours, so the biscuit can soak through and everything is nice and soft.

And then enjoy ..... hmmmm ... is it summer already?

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