Saturday, 10 March 2012

Birthday cake for kids – our 2nd Birthday

For the birthday of our little man recently we had a big celebration with family & friends. I tried to do a “healthy” cake so I made a Choco-Biscuit with fruity Raspberry-Banana-Filling.

Here are the ingredients for the cake:

Mix 6 egg yolks with
4 Spoons of Cocoa powder
100g sugar and
1 spoon Lemon juice

until the sugar has dissolved and the cream has a quite foamy consistency.
Whisk 6 egg white until they are very stiff and add them to the egg yolk-mix.

Stir veeeery careful

Sieve 150g flour on top of it and stir very, very carefully.
The egg white should still stay stiff although it is stirred with the other ingredients. So you can guarantee a nice and fluffy Biscuit dough.

Add the dough onto a backing tray and flatten it with a spoon.

Closeup Choco Biscuit...yummy
My Tip:   
ALWAYS use baking paper when you bake biscuit. Never grease the form you put the dough into. So the dough stays nice light and airy and is “rising” to its best performance :)

Bake the cake in a fan assisted oven for about 20-30 Minutes at 160°C. Then let it cool out.

Went quite well....
... and I didn't even use a draft for it
Once the dough is cooled, cut the cake in to any shape you wish: 

that ranges from digits to animals, hobby related objects (football, tennis rack etc) or you can try to make your own Hello Kitty head. 

Let your creativity free range.


Then I prepared the filling. For that I used:

2 Bananas
250g Raspberries
500g greek Yogurt
1 packet ground Gelatine
3 spoons Vanillasugar

Mix all ingredients (except Gelatine) with a blender. Prepare the Gelatine according to the info on the package, let it cool down a little bit and blend it into the fruity mix. Then put it in the fridge, so the fruit mix is getting hard – best overnight.

Cut the 2 into half and add the fruity-yogurt-mix onto the cake. 

Then decorate the cake as you wish. I added icing-sugar and a few blue sprinkles.

Happy Birthday little Man :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Veggie-Turkey-Dish for Toddlers (& Mummy's)

Here another very fast recipe for Mummy’s and Toddlers. If you use a pressure cooker / steamer it is done fast & easy, with almost no loss of vitamins and… yummy!!

 The ingredients I used were:

Only the best from our Cottagegarden
1 Onion
1 Spoon Rapeseed Oil (very rich in Omega 3+6)

300g Carrots
300g Parsnips
100g Beans
100g Peas

(All ingredients are indefinite amounts really – I had the vegetables frozen from our summer Cottage garden and used a good handful of each)

A bit of rice
A little bit of cooked Turkey breast
Grated cheese (Gouda or Parmesan or… whatever you have handy)

First I chopped the onion into little bits and fried them in a bit of Oil.

Then I added the frozen vegetables, put the lid on my pressure cooker and cooked it for roughly 8 Minutes. Once the lid can be opened again, add the turkey breast and the cheese.

Blend it with the Mixer so that the consistency is a bit softer but just so that you still have some chunky bits left. Depending on the age of your Toddler and depending how many teeth are already there :)

I added Rice to it which I had left over from the day before (you can also add noodles if you have them handy)

Rice = cold / vegetable-turkey-mix = hot -> stirred together it is a perfectly warm meal – not too hot or too cold, ready to eat for little hungry bears :)

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