Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Zucchini / Courgettes with Sweetcorn & Bratwurst

The other day I was longing for a dish my Mum always made. Except of good German sausages I got everything here in Ireland and it nearly tasted exactly like being at "Mum’s Restaurant".

I even found „Bratwurst“ (sausages) here in Ireland (at Aldi) that taste almost exactly like at home. Not exactly but ... in fairness.... they are almost there ... very, very close anyway ;)

For this recipe you need:

1 spoon of Rapeseed oil
3 sausages
5 big potatoes
3 little Zucchini / Courgettes
1 tin of sweet corn
fresh Thyme
white sauce – either self-made or „cheated“ = package sauce
A bit of milk or cream
Spices as you wish

The amount of ingredients I used is for 2 hungry adults and 1 little eater. If you need to cook for more – simply use a bit more of everything, or half it if you cook just for yourself.
Cut the sausages, potatoes and zucchini in little cubes and fry them in the heated oil. Don’t let them get too crispy, just on a little flame until they are soft.

Okokok..... I cheated with the sauce ;)

Add fresh Thyme (or any other herbs you prefer), a bit of salt and pepper.

As my sausages were very very well spiced I did not add any salt – thankfully! 

The sausages were really salty.... good that I had a glass of water handy!
Frozen Zucchini from our summergarden

Add a lid on the pan and let everything simmer for about 20-25 Minutes until the potatoes are soft; which depends on how big or small you had cut them previously.

Make the white sauce with about 300ml water (or whatever is stated on the package) and add some milk. You can also add some cream to it if you wish. 

hmmm.... fresh Thyme

To make the sauce a bit creamier I usually mix low fat milk with a dash of cream – for a better taste yet healthier (dare I say slimmer?).

Then add the sweet corn (after it had been put into a sieve to remove the liquids) into the pan and let it simmer for further ca 5 Minutes.

Try the dish and add more spices as per your liking. If the sauce has gone a bit too thick, simply add a bit more milk – ready.

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