Friday, 20 January 2012

Bailey’s Cheesecake

For my birthday I took a great risk in converting my earlier featured recipe of the Irish Strawberry Cheesecake into a Bailey’s Cheesecake – hoping it would turn out well because I didn’t had any other desserts.

For this recipe I used:

About 250g Cookies (I used very light Tea Biscuits)
80g Butter
3 Spoons of Nutella
500g Greek yoghurt
150g Cream
3 shot glasses of Bailey’s
100g Sugar
1 Pack of the grounded Gelatine

Crush the cookies in a plastic bag. This is best done with a Rolling pin.

Meanwhile melt the butter with the Nutella in a little pan until everything has melted together.

Mix the cookie crumbs and the liquefied butter/Nutella thoroughly stomp the mix into a spring pan. Make sure the base is nice and tight squashed together.

Put the base into the fridge.

Mix the Yoghurt, Sugar, Baileys and Cream until the Sugar has dissolved.

Pour a little bit of hot water into a bowl, add the grounded Gelatine and whisk sturdy until the Gelatine has dissolved fully. It is important to stir until the Gelatine has cooled down or you will have lumps.

Get the spring pan out of the fridge and pour the topping onto the base. Put it all back into the fridge and wait until hardened.

My Tip: Don’t use too much Gelatine! I wanted to make super sure that the Cheese part is not too runny and used 2 packs of grounded Gelatine – the topping was way too rubbery and reminded me of a massive Bailey’s Gummibear… (not that I ever had one…..)

You can then decorate the cheesecake as you wish – with chocolate or anything else you can think of. Enjoy....

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