Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Veggie-Turkey-Dish for Toddlers (& Mummy's)

Here another very fast recipe for Mummy’s and Toddlers. If you use a pressure cooker / steamer it is done fast & easy, with almost no loss of vitamins and… yummy!!

 The ingredients I used were:

Only the best from our Cottagegarden
1 Onion
1 Spoon Rapeseed Oil (very rich in Omega 3+6)

300g Carrots
300g Parsnips
100g Beans
100g Peas

(All ingredients are indefinite amounts really – I had the vegetables frozen from our summer Cottage garden and used a good handful of each)

A bit of rice
A little bit of cooked Turkey breast
Grated cheese (Gouda or Parmesan or… whatever you have handy)

First I chopped the onion into little bits and fried them in a bit of Oil.

Then I added the frozen vegetables, put the lid on my pressure cooker and cooked it for roughly 8 Minutes. Once the lid can be opened again, add the turkey breast and the cheese.

Blend it with the Mixer so that the consistency is a bit softer but just so that you still have some chunky bits left. Depending on the age of your Toddler and depending how many teeth are already there :)

I added Rice to it which I had left over from the day before (you can also add noodles if you have them handy)

Rice = cold / vegetable-turkey-mix = hot -> stirred together it is a perfectly warm meal – not too hot or too cold, ready to eat for little hungry bears :)

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